Digital Artist

by ona praderas

Hi, my name is Ona.


Currently living in the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain. I’ve dedicated my life to inspire others to connect with their inner child and embrace their true essence through creativity.

I’ve worked as a designer/illustrator and project manager helping clients create websites, animated videos, online courses and programs, as well as creating original inspiring content and personalized illustrations for individuals, plus I even self-published my own children’s book!

Becoming a mom has taken me through a personal growth journey, which has transformed who I am and has opened my eyes to other ways of living.

My purpose in life is to constantly evolve so I can be a great example for my daughter and create great quality work that impacts this world in a positive way.

Over the years I’ve done many things, but the most important thing I’ve realized is how mental health is essential to help us rise up and change the way we live so we can create a more balanced world.

That’s why I only work with people and organizations that are shifting human consciousness to the next level and motivating the world to evolve sustainably.

If you want to get in touch please email me at