Three Secrets To Transform Into Your Best Shape After Giving Birth

by ona praderas
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transform into your best shape

When I gave birth my focus was to take care of my baby, not to transform my body.

I thought that when I got home, I would have it all figured it out.

That breastfeeding would be a breeze, the baby would sleep fine and I would recover my body strength in no time…

The reality was that I had reached the worst shape of my life, I had no energy and struggled to even walk.

Not only I was overweight, but I also felt overwhelmed due to lack of sleep and breastfeeding issues.

The stress was so high that I remember crying for the most simple things. I felt lonely, my mind was completely blurry, and I couldn’t focus.

Motherhood was hard enough, so I kept putting excuses for why I coudn’t work on my health…

But one day she got sick and I had to hold her in my arms for 24 hours!

It was an extremely hard experience and drained me completely… I realized I had to do something.

I had to regain strength, take control of my body and my mind.

Especially as a mother to a girl, I had to become a good role model for her.

I needed to transform to become the best example for myself and for my daughter.

It was not easy, but I realized there was no other option.

My husband was a huge support in helping me reach my health objectives.

For the first couple of months, while one took care of the baby, the other one worked out or did yoga. Plus we also started meditating again.

This helped with mobility, lose some weight, and regain some mental stability.

Keeping a healthy diet was challenging. It meant we needed to cook at home even though ordering in seemed so much more convenient.

But we kept focused and cooked healthy meals each day.

Sometimes I wanted to give up, I was exhausted and wanted to eat comfort food.

But days like that, I would go for a walk or do a very light yoga session and eat a simple healthy meal, like a soup or a salad.

I knew it was important to listen to my body to commit to a full transformation.

The more I moved and ate well, the more clarity came back to my mind.

Activity started to bring back a small part of my sanity.

I’m not perfect so I did lose the momentum of my workout routine and eating habits after a trip to see my family in Spain.

It was hard to say no to all the things I enjoy, like bread, cheese, chocolate, ice-cream, and pastries…

While in Spain I actually learned some hypnosis techniques to stop my cravings. So when I got back home it was easier to say no to foods that didn’t provide the nutrition I needed.

I also decided to enroll in CrossFit because of its high-intensity training style. This helped me gain more momentum in my fitness journey to get faster results.

Currently, I continue to go to classes at least 3 times a week.

Some days with sleep deprivation, I want to quit…

But I keep my daughter in mind which gives me the strength I need to continue getting stronger.

10 months after giving birth I was able to transform into my best shape by going from 67.9 kilos down to 54.3 kilos. So I have lost 13.6 kilos (almost 30 pounds).

All though this is a big accomplishment, my focus has never been the number on the scale. It’s about how to transform so you can regain confidence and a positive mindset after giving birth.

Having gone through this journey successfully, here are the three “secrets” I discovered that you can apply if you want to become stronger and healthier:

  1. Shift your mindset from yourself to a higher purpose. Ask yourself, who needs your best performance (for me, it’s my daughter). Once you let go of the ego you can focus on reaching higher objectives.
  2. Eat non-processed foods, no wheat, dairy or sugar on a daily basis. It’s OK to treat yourself sometimes but the key is to stay consistent. It won’t be easy to stay on track with food. But once the body gets rid of certain toxins, some of your regular cravings will also go away!
  3. Leverage accountability by finding a workout buddy. You can also sign up for group workout classes with a coach, that way it’s harder to not show up. Going to the gym gets you out of the house and helps you take a break from the baby. This is good for both you and baby!

Was the transformation hard? You betcha!

Was it worth it? 100%

I am the strongest I’ve ever been, both physically and mentally!

If you were to show me the before and after photo when I was pregnant, I would’ve never believed it would be possible. But it is and I have lived it…

So if you put your mind into it, you can do it!

I always tell new moms that if they gave birth, they can do anything…

We are stronger than we think, it’s a matter of prioritizing what is truly important.

For me, fitness, mindfulness, and health are non-negotiable. They keep me sane and provide the energy I need to be a good mother so that I can raise a happy and healthy child.

I am grateful for the support and accountability my husband has provided to help me transform. But I know not everyone has this kind of help.

That’s why I feel a strong calling to help other moms transform into the best version of themselves.

What I don’t understand is why physical and mental therapies are not part of every postpartum recovery…

I strongly believe offering this kind of support to moms will make a huge shift in our society and I would like to be a part of this shift.

It does take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to provide support to mothers so they can provide the best care for their children.

So if you or a mom you know needs help to regain balance and strength, feel free to contact me or share this post with whoever needs to read it.

I’m here to serve!


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