Using Play To Empower Children

by ona praderas
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The other day I was asked for artistic and creative ways moms can play with their children. There are so many resources out there to overwhelm mothers to create awesome games for their children but we don’t really need all that.

When I was a child the most fun thing to do was to build a fort with pillows or climb a tree and pretend I had an imaginary castle on it.

True we can go to Pinterest and get thousands of ideas and spend money on crafting supplies. This is awesome for special occasions. But the day to day play can be as exciting without extra tools.

Some moms ask me how can they tap into creativity with their child if they don’t know how to draw or paint. The truth is we all know how to draw, we just forgot.

At some point in our childhood, someone or something made us stop doodling and drawing. But we all have it in us, you might doodle or draw while on the phone or in a coffee shop when you are waiting for someone.

There is a great book called “The Doodle Revolution” that helps adults remember their childhood drawing skills if you want. It’s definitely a great way to play with your child. But you can also simply observe your child and let them guide you. We can all learn a lot from kids!

Make it fun and at the same time empower your child. Many forms of play are too structured but are useful to develop memory retention and cognitive skills.

A great play idea is to dress up and read. Choose one of your child’s favorite books and dress up and read it together. Imagine what a great memory for your child! It’s important that during this play your child is the guide. This way they feel that they matter and you are having fun because of them.

Another fantastic and fun play adventure is cooking together. Not only will your child learn essentials skill for later on in life, but they are helping mom or dad prepare dinner! Win, win right! I created a series of “Animated Recipes” a while ago that can help with this play.

The key is using play to help your child have fun but at the same time gain important life skills. When you are having doubts about whether you are not creative enough, remember when you were a kid and ask yourself these questions:

1. What did you do to have fun?

2. How did you feel when playing?

This will help you create awesome playing techniques with your children because you will tap into your inner child and speak their language. You will also be able to remember what things made you feel empowered and provide that type of play for your own children.

Remember you don’t need to be an artist to be able to come up with forms of creative play. You just have to look within and you will know what to do!

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