The True Power Of Positive Thinking

by ona praderas
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This morning I woke up next to my wonderful husband, with the sun on my face, while listening to birds singing. Then we heard a big car horn that woke us all up including our dog that was chilling at the bottom of the bed.

We could have let this car horn ruin the beginning of our day, but instead, we cuddled and later had a fantastic day.

You see we all have the power to let positivity be the center of our life. Yes, it’s true that it’s not always easy to think positive. But making positivity a priority in life will most definitely change the way we live.

It’s also true that some circumstances in life may not allow us to think positive right away. But there is always a way to shift our thoughts and see the positive outlook of that circumstance.

I believe every individual has the power to see the positive in each situation. This is extremely important to keep good relationships with friends, family and children.

If children see that a parent focuses on negative thinking, they will imitate this and eventually end up grumpy, sad and insecure.

So why not start at an early age and teach children that positivity is a powerful thing to have in life.

Positivity not only will prepare a child for challenges they encounter, but it will create a ripple effect of good energy in their life.

Imagine children full of love and positivity! Don’t you think this would make interactions completely different in school and in life?

Here is an interesting video by Caitlin Haacke, that explains how simple acts of kindness and positivity can change the confidence of a child:

As you can see Caitlin uses a tool such as post-its to inspire positivity.

I think it’s important to teach children tools to be able to focus on positive thinking. Maybe it’s by drawing, or having specific routines such as singing on the way to school.

Another way could be to have positive moments at home, maybe do a dancing day, or sit down with your child and tell them how amazing they are.

There are many ways in which parents can teach their children to be more positive. Every family can find a unique way to inspire their child.

When I was a child my family would always have breakfast together talk about why we should be grateful about our day.

Also at night we would read positive books so that we would go to sleep thinking positively.

Here are some books that can help teach children the concept of emotions and how to focus on positive thinking:

The Energy Bus For Kids written by Jon Gordon, illustration by Korey Scott.

Tiny Thoughts on Cheerfulness written by Agnes de Bezenac.

Be Positive! written by Cheri J. Meiners, illustration by Elizabeth Allen.

In My Heart written by Jo Witek, illustration by Christine Roussey.

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