An Open Letter To My Unborn Daughter

by ona praderas
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Dear Peanut, (it’s the name we used before you received your official name).

I wanted to write this letter so you know how much your dad and I want the best for you.

We have been researching so much on alternative educational systems and working hard to understand the best way to raise you.

You haven’t seen the light of day yet, but we are already figuring out how to be the best we can be for ourselves and for you.

I want you to know that we do not expect anything from you.

That we will respect you no matter who or what you decide to be.

Life will bring exciting things, but it will also bring conflict and stress, so never forget you are strong and unique!

We want you to know that you are enough, that you are loved and that failures are not bad as long and you can learn something new from them.

During our time on this earth, we have learned that it’s important to have positive values.

Some of the values we will show you, you might not agree with and that is OK. We respect you and care for your feelings.

I hope you do however learn to respect yourself and others. That includes humans of all cultures, animals, nature and other creatures out there.

Do not do to others what you don’t want for yourself. Like judging or making fun of people because they seem different.

You see, we feel it is important that you have this respect towards the world because we are all connected.

Having respect will help you have empathy and understand what others might be going through.

But again if you choose not to believe in these things, it is your life to live and we respect it.

You do not need to be perfect, even though to our eyes you will always be! Just be yourself and everything will work out.

Do not please others to make them feel better, including us.

You are the most important thing and you should never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We are not perfect and we will make some mistakes but be sure you can always count on us anytime, anywhere and with anything. We might not have the answers but we will listen and try to help to the best of our ability.

I heard something the other day that I feel is important to mention:

  1. Enjoy your life.
  2. Look after your mind and body.
  3. Help other people enjoy their lives.

Life is short although sometimes it might not seem so…

So live your life fully and don’t be scared. Remember challenges are what make you stronger and confident.

Be empowered, be true, be you my little one!

Thank you for choosing your dad and me as parents.

We are truly honored you will form part of our little family.

May you live a life full of peace, love, unity and respect!

We love you!

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