Mindful Mommy Moments

by ona praderas
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It’s 5 am and I just finished feeding my baby girl Maya. She is sleeping peacefully on my shoulder. I can’t help but think how I want her to be safe, happy and not have to grow up insecure like I did. I realize this won’t happen unless I am fulfilled and can provide her with the confidence she needs to succeed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about positivity, purpose, and passion since she was born. I wonder if what I do for a living will provide the tools she needs to thrive.

Life has changed a lot, and sometimes I wonder if my purpose in life remains the same. I can’t stop thinking if every mom questions their purpose after having a child?

Does having a child shift what you are meant to do in this life? I think it does in a very positive way. It helps you focus on what’s important.

It’s amazing what women go through since they find out they are pregnant. Pregnancy not only changes your body but it shifts your priorities.

I won’t lie, things are hard since the moment you know you will become a mom. Pressure comes like a big slap in the face and you have to overcome it and focus on positivity or else you will go insane.

When the delivery day comes things only get crazier. You endure an insane amount of pain to finally meet your little one and then right away you have to keep them alive!

In my case, the pain came after delivery as I had a cesarean due to her being breech. When the epidural wore off, it felt like I had been ran over by a car! But I had to feed my little one so I did even though every moment was painful.

I remember coming back home and having problems with her latching. One night I was so stressed because I didn’t know what to do. The hormones in my body were exploding with emotions and I broke down in tears. My husband woke up and comforted me by saying everything would be OK, and it was.

From that moment, I decided I would be mindful when taking care of her. If I am present when I am with her, she will know I love her and that she is important. That my relationship with her matters making her feel confident and strong.

Every single day, I wake up and think about positivity and mindfulness. So I draw a simple character with a quote or a message to remind me to live in the moment.

I’ve been doing daily drawings for a while. But now I do it for her hoping that my drawings will make her feel even more loved, safe and confident.

When I am drawing, I also think of other moms and their babies. I imagine them seeing my drawings on a bad day and smiling. Maybe another mom is looking at my drawings right now and gaining the confidence she needs to take care of her little one.

So I guess my purpose has changed a bit to be more mindful. To embrace every single day with positivity and cherish it.

Bringing positivity into our daily life is essential so we can be happy and thrive.

Being mindful and positive towards life will help Maya be a better person. So she too can live in harmony and create a more peaceful world.

If you are a mom and are reading this I would love to know if your purpose in life changed after you little ones were born?

Enjoy every day!! #dailydrawing #motivation #positivevibes

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