Positive Pregnancy Power

by ona praderas
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Being pregnant is a scary thing whether you planned it or not. That is why I believe it’s super important to try to be as positive as you can.

I am 27 weeks pregnant at the moment of this blog post and I have to say it has been an interesting journey.

It all started with fear due to my uterus being bicornuate or “Heart Shaped” as they describe it. The doctor said there was a high chance of miscarriage or premature delivery.

My husband and I had discussed having kids before but it all came as a surprise.

We thought maybe this isn’t the right time. We needed to figure out so many things still… yet we embraced it and went with the flow.

The first trimester was easy on my body as I didn’t have any nausea, I was just super sleepy. But it was hard on the mind as we kept thinking something could happen.

We decided to take it easy and just let everything to destiny.

When we made it to the second trimester, things got more real. The bump started showing and a moment of comfort came over us.

It’s as though the little baby girl was bringing a special energy we didn’t even know existed.

We made it our quest to make things work and not stress at all because this could affect the baby’s development.

I started meditating daily and relaxing when I needed too.

Every time I meditate I focus on positivity, health, and love.

At the moment we just started the third trimester and things are getting real. The baby bump is getting bigger and bigger.

It’s getting hard to do things, many pains are appearing, sleep deprivation is starting and well the fear of delivery is entering my mind.

Again I believe when fear occurs we should re-focus and think positively.

So my husband and I started journaling to express gratitude. This has been extremely helpful!


I also think that feeling the baby move reminds us that there is life happening, so it’s getting exciting!

I have been talking with other moms and I realize there are many things we don’t know about pregnancy.

I think it should be something that should be taught early in life. Not only to understand the responsibilities of having a child. But so both women and men don’t feel so lost and alone.

I am so grateful I found support in online groups and even in my community!

The pregnant women that surround me are confident and positive about the entire experience.

There are many women that get depressed with pregnancy. I think it’s important to keep open about whatever you are feeling.

If the feelings are negative I think they can be shifted with meditation or even some time off.

I think shifting the fear to strength and positivity has helped both my husband and I to get closer to each other in this adventure.

It has also brought a sense of peace and happiness in our home.

Never underestimate the power of a positive mind!

Here are some positive affirmations I have been repeating in my mind throughout the entire pregnancy.

I hope they help you if you are struggling to find peace:

“Every change and expansion brings me a step closer to meeting the baby”

“My job is to relax and allow this process to happen as smoothly as possible”

“Pain is temporary, but the existence of the baby is infinite”

“The baby and I are working together”

“My body is designed for this, so I can do this”

Let’s hope the rest of the pregnancy and delivery goes fantastic!

Sending good energy and positive vibes to all the pregnant ladies and moms out there.

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